I got a problem, with all these new genre names popping up, it’s getting confusing and annoying, all made up by people who haven’t created any music in their lives. A large amount of the music being released these days is such a smorgasbord of style and sound, artists of all categories are pushing boundaries. On the other side you have journalists and know it alls trying to box in that experimentation by attempting to label it, alt rap, alt pop, alt r&b, how about you Alt Shut The Fuck Up! All genres are meshing, music is music, labels ruin everything, if you don’t know what something is, thats good, if something is good and indescribable, mission accomplished, something new has been born. Allow the thing grow before you attempt to say its this or that, give it some room to develop. The future of music is happening, its weird and its good, but please, just let some things be. We don’t know everything, the unknown is fascinating, just let it fascinate you, everything is not meant to be figured out.

People have always been opinionated, this isn’t new news by any means. What’s different now is these opinions being rammed down our feeds 24 hours a day. Our social media addiction leads us to a big groupthink shitstorm every time a controversial event transpires. It would be cool if we could got off our collective high horses every now and then, take a few days, or weeks off of our jury duty in the court of public opinion, and just relax for a bit. You don’t have to say anything, it’s okay, promise. Just shut up sometimes, okay?

Hell-ish Weekend

My Cowboys lost, and I had food poisoning 

Now that’s how you start a conversation, put it all out there first and see who sticks around, ha. Long weekend indeed, currently sitting here in front of this computer, watching old Entourage episodes on the now prehistoric dvd player, while simultaneously stalking A&R’s and publishers on facebook to submit my records to. This is my life. I’m feeling better, the food poisoning drained me, but all the rest i’ve gotten because of it isn’t the worst thing in the world, I needed it. Lesson learned is to continue taking care of my body regardless of how busy I may be, I gotta stay healthy to chase these dreams. Sidebar: Good music coming this week, new album from Banks, one of my favorite new women in music, and one of my favorite indie duos, Tennis (a husband and wife band, kinda cool). So, yeah, life is good, sometimes a little bit of e.coli suffering reminds you how good you have it on your healthy days, imagine feeling like you had food poisoning everyday, ugh. God is good, music is getting better, i’m writing tons of songs, a few I really believe in, busy but not broke, my nephew Ari is getting huge, etc etc etc, bla bla bla. Goodnight.